Mattheis - Osi - NOUS008

Our last record of 2016. Mattheis' Osi as a single sided 12 inch, his first new music since kindred Phenomena and his most up tempo track to date.


A| Osi


Paul Twin - Chacruna/Icaro - NOUS007

The two shaman infused tracks by Paul Twin. The trippy A-side gained somewhat of a legendary status on the White Island he comes from, while the B-side is a newer slightly more cosmic trip.


A| Chacruna

B| Icaro


Unknown - Loving/Sight To Sea (O.C. Edits) - KLAER001

Two lovely edits by one of our main guys.


A| Loving (O.C. Edit)

B| Sight To Sea (O.C. Edit)


Cosime - Hilary EP - NOUS006

A collaborative project by Job and Arif, tracks build from field recordings from our island in the south of Holland.


A1| Fyr

A2| Fyr (version)

B1| Hilary


Paul Twin - White Island EP - NOUS003

A1| White Island

B1| Turbulence

B2| 14-Year Delay

Mattheis - Kindred Phenomena - NOUSLP001

A1| Herds

A2| Ben_m (Tidal Fields Version)

B1| Ben_m

B2| Bit Fragments

C1| Swell

C2| PR6

D1| PR8

D2| Current

Benedikt Frey - Trance Unlimited EP - NOUS004

First 'outsider' on the label BF. We instantly fell in love with the track Illuvial, which we heard through a friend by chance. When the ravy Trance Unlimited was added to that it was impossible to not release a full EP.


A1| Illuvial

A2| Trance Unlimited

B1| Reconsider

B2| Pabulum

Mattheis - Ls/1001 - NOUS005

After Mattheis's amazing mini-album (cassette/digital) 'Luminous Frames' on Ectstatic we decided to keep his next Nous'klaer release straightforward - Two long club tracks and minimal artwork. Ls and 1001 are his most 'effective' club tracks to date.


A| Ls

B| 1001

Oceanic / Mattheis - Remixed by Mattheis and Oceanic - NOUS001.5

In May 2014 I heard Oceanic play his up tempo remix of Blablavism for the first time. The decision to release it was made right there. Mattheis added a complete opposite version of Oceanic's hidden track - a blablavism-like slowburner. Their combo remix EP is the bridge between NOUS001&2. Also the blue and yellow vinyl, inspired by the previous sleeves, turned out to be a perfect green remix.


A1| Mattheis - Blablavism (Oceanic Remix)

A2| Mattheis - Blablavism (Oceanic Reprise)

B| Oceanic - Hidden Bero (Mattheis Remix)

Oceanic - Blanco Bero EP - NOUS002

Those who know Oceanic, know I go a long way back with him. I'm incredibly proud that he let me release his full EP debut. We've been playing these tracks for over year, and were finally able to share them with the world. The EP includes a bonus track that is not mentioned on the 12" label.


A1| Tijuana Blanco

A2| Danza blanco

B1| Piobero

(B2| Hidden Bero)

Mattheis - Isms EP - NOUS001

Mattheis his music was one of the main reasons for me to start the label. Prism2 was the starting point. In September 2012 he finished his live set at Parasigm Groningen with a new piece, which perfectly fit Prism2. It was called Prism1. When he made Blablavism early in 2013 it completed the record. The Isms EP finally came out in October 2013.


A1| Prism1

A2| Prism2

A3| Blablavism